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Trust Kikaku Co.,Ltd with over 18years of trusted experience in and out of Japan. We have provided hassle free experience and hundreds of satisfied customers thanks to our dedicated team. We are hand-picking all used parts from our cars in factory. If you always wanted to buy specific car parts(used/new) but you didn’t know how, the you have come to the right place! We stock a variety of both used and new parts of JDM, OEM, so if you require for your vehicle and it is in stock, contact us then make your payment and your order will be dispatched within 24 hours!


Abundance of parts stock!

R34 R33
Brake pad

Vehicle quality is specialized in GT-R, GT car parts! You are breathing into the trust planning know-how. We will be able to respond to various things based on the experience of parts handling in Japan.

Professional staff!

The maintenance staff of the trust project constantly develops and tunes numerous GT-R, GT cars, and its knowledge is constantly improved. Even when you are in trouble with GT – R, GT cars, reliable professional staff will solve the problem.

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Trust Kikaku

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