Apologies for taking so long to reply

For customers who are contacting to Trust Kikaku,

We have received a lot of inquiries over 500 every day.
but we have not responded all inquiries yet, unfortunately.
Currently, we have only 2 English staff and handle all tasks for overseas customers.

For long time, our mainly business is parts sales, not car sales.
We have just started to do car sales and not have enough experience in order to export cars.
So we need someone’s help who have experience of importing used cars. (We are looking for business partner that can import cars.)

As you know, the regulation is different with each countries, and it is not possible to export cars/container to ordinary customer.
So if you would like to import a car from us, please contact to importer or car shop that can organize all things on behalf of you.

We will try to reply you as soon as possible.
And we will post about vehicle information on our Youtube Channel.
Trust Kikaku Youtube Channel

We apologize the inconvenience we’ve caused.
Your understanding is highly appreciated.

Trust Kikaku
Overseas Department



Trust Kikaku