We, TRUST KIKAKU , opens own booth at NISMO FESTIVAL 2019.


On sunday, 8th December 2019, we open the booth at NISMO FESTIVAL held at Fuji Speedway .

We are now preparing for the items that only TRUST KIKAKU can provide to display.

Venue Fuji SpeedWay
694 Nakahinata Oyama-Cho Sunto-Gun Shizuoka-Ken 410-1307 JAPAN
Event Date December 8, 2019 From 8:00am ( Rain or shine )
Gate-opening Time ( East and West Gate) ) 5:00 am※  Please follow the instructions given by attendants and event staff, according to the circumstances, you are led to either gate.


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Ticket Information

Tickets are sold from 1st October.

Advance Admission Ticket: 2,000 JPY   Day ticket 2,500 JPY
Pair Advance Admission Tickets :  4,000 JPY

Pair Advance Admission Tickets are only available from PIA.

Free admission for visitors under Junior high school students and over 65 years old.

Ticket details←NISMO’s Site!

We made new size plastic bags for NISMO FESTIVAL!


We are looking forward to seeing you(⋈◍>◡<◍)。✧♡ Please come and see us.

2019 TRUST KIKAKU’s New Flyers are printed!

The photo on the flyer ( Japanese ver. ) this year is from 「かっさん」’s BNR32!!!

For English ver. is from 「しゅんぱんだ」’s BNR34!!!

Original sticker for NISMO Festival 2019 in production  <Updated on 4/11/R1>

These stickers are for the customers who join the festival on the day.

First-come, first-served bases.
So, please come to our vendor booth to see us!!

NISMO Festival

We are making our Original Notebook for the Festival! Updated on 4/11/R1

We will present this notebook to our customers on the day at the festival.

These original notebooks are up to 300 copies.
We will update details later.

The images used for this notebook are from…
”BNR32″ — けんた from Japan
“BCNR33” — Fredrik  from Sweden
“BNR34” — @nurz1lla from Cyprus
Thank you very much for your super cool images!!

NISMO Festival
NISMO Festival

Trust Kikaku wants to show our customer ” thank you” by…

We are dying to see you directly at Nismo Festival this year!
We really want to see you smile, so…
Preparing giveaways for the day now.

What are inside the giveaway is a secret for now.
We will update it later.^^

From 9am to 2pm, we have up to 50 giveaways every hour.
First-come, first- serve base.
So please come to our booth on the day to see us and get giveaway!
In the giveaway bag, there is a lottery.
If you win the lottery, you can get extra gift!!
You loose nothing, so don’t miss it!

Nismo Festival 2019
Nismo Festival 2019