Gonna make Epic Calendar using photos of our customer’s
Send photos of your car and we will make cool calendar for year 2022.


★Prefer photo size: 500kb to 2M
( Photo taken by iPhone 6 camera is 2M.)

★Can apply once per person and up to 2 photos. So please send us “ this is my best “ photos.
( But if you get better photos after applying, please re-apply and send us new photo with message that you want to change. Then we will update your photo. )

★If the size of the photos you sent to us are too small, unfortunately they will not be considered for selection.

★We will be sure to erase all the private information and car license number on your photos. So please send us an raw photo.

★We will print your name or nickname on our calendar if the photos will be selected.

★The car of the photo we are collecting is not only GT-R, but also any sports car like 86, RX-7, Impreza, Silvia, Integra, Supra and so on.


    1. 2021 Calendar photo


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