◎Following storage fee is charged after the agreement is  settled.
First month : FREE / Second month : 5,000 JPY

If you keep storing the car in our warehouse more than 2 months after the agreement is settled, Plan A storage fee is charged automatically.

If you would like to store the car in our warehouse, following storage options are available.

Plan Detail Fee


Stored under open-air 20,000 JPY / month


Stored in warehouse 50,000 JPY / month


Stored in warehouse
+ registration in Japan
( You can drive your car )
Test drive by our mechanics and its video.
Report on defects

150,000 JPY / month

Remarks Idling your car once a month for about 15 minutes on all plans.
Other Options ( An additional fee will be charged. )
Protect with car cover
Regular inspection
Oil replacement
Consumable parts replacement ( Plug, Belt and Filter etc.)
Test drive by our mechanics + Video of the test drive

◎Troubles during storaging your car

  • Theft and Act of God
    Trust Kikaku is not responsible for any damage or theft on your cars.
    Storage insurance is also available with an additional fee.


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