Customer service
We have 3 English speaking staff in office with dedicated customer service and high quality genuine auto parts.Feel free to contact us anytime.


Worldwide shipping
We have a worldwide shipping service by DHL, EMS, Fedex etc.


We have trusted, well trained mechanics to lean on, so ask us for compatibility if you are not sure the parts will fit your car.


We have alot of new and used car parts, for both of these we describe honest and the way it is now even if it causes some negative image on it.

Sales of parts

Currently, Trust Kikaku as overseas part sales channel
I have sent a lot of parts to eBay.
Yahoo auction in the domestic, sales at the company parts shop.
Of course, even if you contact us directly from this site OK!

Also, at Yahoo! Auction, we start dedicated page for English explanation
Please do look it by all means.


The unknown eBay

Because it is a strict registration system, new parts are main

Instead, settlement is possible in most currencies

Even Trust Kikaku always has sent over 1000 items.


Yahoo! Auction Ninja

The largest auction site in Japan

It is a Japanese site, but Trust Kikaku was the original one the other day

I made it in English as much as possible and released it.

For Yahoo! Ouction, Trust Kikaku’s goods are always exhibited in 1 million items.

Yahoo auction ninja

Contractor request warm welcome


We also make requests from overseas suppliers.

Please do not hesitate to consult with questions concerning the import of each country

Interest in overseas Skyline GT-R is growing

Trust Kikaku has plenty of genuine parts.

For users who are not satisfied with general-purpose products

Would you like to expand sales channels?