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JPY 450,000


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Please check below before contacting us.
  • Used Car Sale For Dealers
  • Used Car Sale For Individual Customers
  • Cars For Parts
  • Car Storage Service & Options

Used Car Sale For Dealers

  • Our used car price
  • Our price on this page doesn’t include “expenses” like ground transporting fee.
    We charge you incurred additional costs separetely.
    We charge you recycling fee separately.
    Our used cars on sale are all sold as-is.
  • Deposit : 25% of the car price
    Once you pick a car to purchase, please make a payment for deposit (25% of the car price ) within a week.
    We put the car aside ( reserve ) after we confirm your payment of deposit.
    Please note that if a transaction with another customer is completed before we confirm your deposit, transaction will be canceled automatically.
  • After making payment of deposit
    We start preparation for shipping the car after we confirm your deposit. Once we are ready to ship your car, we charge you full payment. (Deposit amount is deducted. )
    We charge you for additional expense separetely if needed.)
    Please make a payment by the due date indicated on the invoice.
    If we can’t confirm your payment within the due date, we cancel the transaction.
    The deposit will be a cancelation fee. Non refundable.
  • Complaints after concluded Sales contract
    The used cars we are dealing are all sold as-is.
    We can’t accept any claims once we made a sales contract. ( Claims like car defects, missing description on our report and so on.)
    Be sure to check the actual condition of the car before purchasing.
    Please make an appointment, If you would like to see the car.)


Used Car Sale For Individual Customers

  • The price for used cars
  • Basically, we deal with dealers ONLY. Please contact the authorized dealer you picked for dealing with us on behalf of you.
    ( Please pick the dealer can provide export /import service from Japan to your country. )
  • Deposit
  • We only accept payments from dealers.
    Please make a payment via dealer you picked.

◎The reason why we deal only with dealers are…
We and dealers are both professionals of cars, so we do not do any maintenance on the cars we are selling.
Basically, handling over in its present state, our reports cannot cover everything.
Please use our detailed reports as just a reference and never fail to check the cars and judge their actual state by the dealer you picked on behalf of you.
As for the repair records, please judge if the car has repair record or not by inspecting the car on site through your dealer.
We report every defects that each car has but there are no guarantees, no warranties and no means of legal recourse. Especially for engine and drivetrain.
We do not accept any complaints/change of the order/ cancelation /return, once you place an order since we and dealers are both professional of cars.

Cars For Parts

  • Comes with all the documents necessary.
    Cancellation of Registration・transfer certificate for vehicle・Recycling Ticket
  • Available for individual customers.
  • Cars we deal have negative points.
    Please check every details on each car.
    Our reports are not perfect.
    Always condition on actual cars have priority.
    We don’t do any repair on the car since the cars are for parts.
  • Price
    Vehicle Price + Consumption Tax + Recycling Ticket

    We quote other requests like ground transportation separately.

■Trust Kikaku’s Cars for Parts■

  • We sell one whole car, not each parts from the car one by one.
  • The cars are for parts, they are not intended to be used as cars.
  • The cars have some problem and might have caused some trouble to normal driving. We kindly ask you to refrain from driving the cars back by yourself.
  • We don’t sell the parts from the cars partially.
    We don’t sell parts from the cars separately.
    We only sell one whole cars.
  • We don’t accept any claim for any reason if you buy the cars without actual car check.
  • We don’t answer detailed questions on the cars.
    You are welcome to visit us and check the cars by yourself.
  • We don’t accept any cancellation.
  • Price are not negotiable.

Car Storage Service & Options

◎Following storage fee is charged after the agreement is settled.
First month :FREE / Second month:5,000 JPY

If you keep storing the car in our warehouse more than 2 months after the agreement is settled, Plan A storage fee is charged automatically.
If you would like to store the car in our warehouse, following storage options are available.

Plan Detail Fee


Stored under open-air 20,000 JPY / month


Stored in warehouse 50,000 JPY / month


Stored in warehouse
+ registration in Japan
( You can drive your car )
Test drive by our mechanics and its video.
Report on defects
150,000 JPY / month
Remarks  Idling your car once a month for about 15 minutes on all plans.
◎Other Options ( An additional fee will be charged. )
・Protect with car cover
・Regular inspection
・Oil replacement
・Consumable parts replacement ( Plug, Belt and Filter etc.)
・Test drive by our mechanics + Video of the test drive

◎Troubles during storaging your car

Theft and Act of God
Trust Kikaku is not responsible for any damage or theft on your cars.
Storage insurance is also available with an additional fee.

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