Visiting Tomei Powered Japan

We visited Tomei Powered Japan the last week!

They are located in Machida City in Tokyo and it’s about two hours of driving from Ibaraki.
And today, we would like to share what we have done there 🙂

17th May 2019

Lovely wall clock was displayed in the entrance.
Kawaiii (cute) ~~ ♥♥

And meeting has started ^^
Surprisingly, CEO of Tomei Suzuki-san also joined the meeting.
Thank you very much Suzuki-san! It was pleasure to meet you.

And then continued the meeting with Sakurai-san who works with International Business department of Tomei^^

Small note for our overseas customers,
Tomei Japan and Tomei USA are different company.
We (Trust Kikaku) sell the product of Tomei Japan.

Explore Around Tomei Factory

After the meeting, Sakurai-san showed us around their factory.


■Repairing engine
■Making camshaft etc.

Seeing the rare engine block, walking around their warehouse, seeing the manufacturing process of camshaft etc.
It was a dream factory!

Every single staff of Tomei were so kind, working with their passion.

We found these small cars from the one of the work place ↓


This is the engine that Tomei bought from us! And also our sticker!

Tomei Powered D1 JZX100

Here is Tomei Powered D1 JZX100 which they are going to use for “D1 GRAND PRIX SERIES TSUKUBA ROUND 2019”
The event will take place on 29 – 30th June 2019 in Tsukuba Circuit!


Engine Chassis Dynamometer

They tuned the engine before we arrived!
Thank you very much♥


New Released Item Exhaust Manifold for RB26

This is comparison with previous manifolds..


This is old version.


This is new manifold!




Contact us directly us you are interested!



Here are mechanic Tommy-san and Sakurai-san

Big thank you to Tomei Powered Japan!
We had a very fulfilling day!


Trust Kikaku

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