BNR32 Let’s learn about G Sensor❗️❗️

Do you know how many kinds of G sensors there are??

Most people will answer, ” There are two! ”
But the answer is ….

Please watch this video to learn about G sensor.👌
The answer is in there.👀


How was the video?
Now you know the answer and got a topic to talk with your friend.

The CEO of Midori Seibi Center, Mr. Uchinaga is full of passion and love for cars.
He has tough mind never to give up, think and care about his customer first and welcome anybody with huge love.
We could know Mr. and Mrs. Uchinaga warm personalities through this time’s visit.
We love Midori Seibi Center and all the staffs there and their products.

We, Trust Kikaku have both used G sensor and Digital G sensor from Midori Seibi Center.
You can order from below;



midori seibi center G sensor

○Standard Specification ( Blue )
【BNR32/BCNR33/BNR34】 ¥44,000 + tax
Good for street and spirited driving.

○Hi-Performance Specification ( Red )
【BNR32/BCNR33/BNR34】 ¥56,000 + tax
Good for normal street through circuit driving.

The algorithms and settings were extensively tested on the track under the advice of racing driver Mr. Takayuki Aoki.
And it is scceeeded in bringing out the full potential of ATTESA-E-TS.
The Increase in sensitivity and reaction rate for this Digital G-Sensor is approximately 30 times greater than analog one.
Also works with your vehicle’s system during sudden acceleration, and braking in addition to increasing handling response.

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