An Used Car from Trust Kikaku Arrived At The New Owner In Wales!

Our used car sold to an overseas customer arrived in Wales 2 weeks ago!

The car is Red SKYLINE ER34!

The nice guy in the picture is new owner of this cool car, Mr. Morgan.

SKYLINE has been his dream chassis to own ever since he was a child, Mr. Morgan said.

And also, he said that our YouTube video we posted definitely helped!


“Thank you for selling an honest car, and I’m looking forward to owning it for ever.”

This word is the best word for us to hear!!

We are extremely happy for you, Mr. Morgan!

Please enjoy the car for ever💕


Mr. Morgan used the Japanese used car exporter called “Royal Trading” to do all the importing work for him.

If you are planning to purchase a car from Japan, please check the website of “Royal Trading” , too.


Royal Trading Co., LTD Logo




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