Visiting Project Mu

  6th February 2019 We had a business meeting with Project Mu! The person welcomed us was… TERADA-SAMA♥ And our CEO also TERADA♥ Double TERADA (・∀・) LOL   Meeting has started! ⇓   We talked about not only business but also about race and parts etc. It was very interesting! And also he was showing …

4177 350Z

★New Listings Of Used Parts★ by 350Z (4177)

Hi guys!   We’ve listed 350Z recently! Please check it out! Yahoo Auction 1 Branch Jan. 27th Start → Feb. 03th End 25 Used Parts   check the car!!!   YEAR 2005 GRADE Version ST 35th Anniversary TYPE CBA-Z33 MILEAGE 62014 Mi (99801 Km) COLOR SILVER (WV2)