BCNR33 Owner Visited to Us!


Hello there.
We share you guys BCNR33 of our customer who came to our office last week.


He wanted to purchase GReddy airinx filter but not find a shop that has it as stock.
But he found our shop and came to our place in order to get it immediately.
Fortunately we have the stocks and provided it to him.
He was really happy and also purchased our original sticker:)
He will send some photos once we attached the sticker to his car.

Thank you very much for visiting us!!
We hope that he likes the parts and sticker.

If you guys are interested in our original sticker, please check our shop eBay or Yahoo Auction.
Of course we can provide our all parts directly, so please feel free to contact us for any questions.


Get the sticker on eBay!!

Bumper Sticker : 540JPY

Transfer Type : 1080 JPY

Transfer Type : 972 JPY


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