R’s Meeting 2018

Every year since 2006, “GT-R Magazine” has been holding the R’s Meeting –
R’s meeting is the world’s largest “GT-R festival” and an event that every GTR fan should endeavour to get to at least once.

The festival is a mass gathering of most major GT-R tuning houses are there displaying their wares too. Omori Factory, MINE’S, Tomei, Fujitsubo, Endless, Project Mu, HKS, Midori Seibi Center and Rays all have their latest modification parts on display.


GT-R owners who have been selected could display their GT-R in the venue and their GT-R will be in “GT-R OWNERS FILE Ⅷ” that will go on sale at November.
I was giving out free stickers there and talk with GT-R owners and felt their love for GT-R.


We look forward to this event continue for many years to come.





  1. New Line Up

  2. BNR32 GT-R

    NISMO Heritage vs Nissan

  3. BCNR33 Owner Visited to Us!

  4. Send a photo of your car!!!

  5. New Release !! Nismo Titanium Strut…

  6. Discontinued:(

  7. ★Rebuilt Driveshaft BNR32 ★

  8. Now Available!!


  1. New Stocked Parts


    New Stocked Parts
  2. 4302
  3. Project Mu