Thank you for visiting our booth!!!

Thank you for visiting our booth at Nismo Festival 2018!!
More customers that we expected came to our place and joined the event:)
We were kind of panicked. lol

We were supposed to shoot video and post it to SNS like facebook and Instagram, but we did not have time to do it, actually.
Here are some photos of our booth!!

Not only customers, many manufacturers came to our booth and check our items. haha
They also had interested in our booth.

This is our first time to join an event, but We worked in concert with coworkers and did our best!

Hannha is in overseas department and she handled order from non-Japanese.
Maya is in charge of this event, and she really worked hard.
Camera staff Yaya was running during the event in order to take nice photos!!
Miyu is pregnant but this is the last big event for her.
Megumi and Natsuko were cashier with nice smiling.
Momo worked from the previous day in order to prepare the booth.
Azusa was in charge of brand new parts, and she lined up the parts for this event.
They worked from previous day and also helped customers to bring large parts such as wheels.

Anyway, we are really happy to meet you guys and had great experience there.
We already have plans for Nismo Festival of next year!
We are looking forward to meeting you guys at Nismo Festival 2019!!!

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