SKYLINE GT-R BCNR33 Available for sale

We are going to share you guys about a car that arrived right now!


Year : 1995

Mileage : 91.144Km (56Mi)

Color : Mid Night Purple

Vehicle Inspection : Expired



Let me share you guys more photos.

Full tuning car that made by JUN Auto.


Details which have been found

・T88-34D Single Turbine

・HKS Power Flow

・TRUST Fuel Delivery

・TRUST Front Mounted Intercooler

・HKS Oil Cooler

・TRUST Coilovers

・KAKIMOTO Regu06&R Muffler

・TRUST Oil Temp/Boost/Fuel Pressure/Oil Pressure/Water Temp Gauge

・HKS Boost Controller

・Reinforced Clutch

・Relocated Battery

・Fuel Collector Tank

・MOMO Steering Wheel (Quick Steering Wheel)

・Aftermarket Aluminum Wheels


Remark of the car.

・There are multiple scars on left side.

・It has cracks on front windshield.


This is the detail that we know so far.

We will update about price and more details of tuning later.

Please feel free to contact us if you have interests.


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