After Price Hike Nissan OEM Parts…

We just finished to check the price for OEM Parts after their price hike.

Here are some of the parts…

Just remind you guys that Nissan has price hike in April and October every year.
If you are thinking to buy or stock OEM parts, we recommend to get them before these period!

■OEM Nissan Fender Liner LHS – BNR32
■Before JPY¥11,400
■After JPY¥33,400
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■NISSAN OEM Bumper Lamp Indicator LHS Passenger Side 180SX Early Model 1989-1991
■Before JPY¥4,030
■After JPY¥7,500
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■OEM Nissan Mode Door Actuator – BNR32
■Before JPY¥6,100
■After JPY¥10,600
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■Front Combination Lamp Assy(R) 180sx Middle Model
■Before JPY¥5,010
■After JPY¥7,500
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■Front Combination Lamp Assy(L) 180sx Middle Model
■Before JPY¥5,010
■After JPY¥7,500
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■Radiator Lower Hose Clamp
■Before JPY¥200
■After JPY¥250
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■OEM Side Indicator Pair Set GTR R34 BNR34 Late Model
■Before JPY¥1,990
■After JPY¥2,390
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■OEM Nissan Attesa ETS Accumulator – BNR32 BCNR33 BNR34
■Before JPY¥29,000
■After JPY¥34,800
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■Door Outer Molding(L) RPS13
■Before JPY¥16,100
■After JPY¥18,100
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■After Market Front Tie Rod End Replacement Boots – BNR32
■Before JPY¥850
■After JPY¥950
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■Shift Boots R33
■Before JPY¥17,600
■After JPY¥17,800
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