R’s Connection 1st Meet-up “Prince & Skyline Museum”


We went to the 1st R’s Connection Meet-up the other day!

Event Special Guests
Mr. Naganori Ito: Responsible for the development of R32
Mr. Kozo Watanabe: Responsible for the development of R33 R34
Mr. Hiroyoshi Kato: Technical Master, Vehicle Test Department,

We had a lunch BBQ with these legends..

Even the weather hated us… (unexpected snowing in end of April…)

We enjoyed a lot!

Most of the person came with their Girls (GTRs)

Let me share you guys some of the GTRs here ♪

At Car Park
At Museum

With Mr. R33 & R34 (Kozo Watanabe) and GT-R Magazine Editor and our CEO


Free Gifts from GT-R Magazine!

By the way…

Some of them may know…
We were also on the GT-R Magazine few years ago…

oooh! It was Number 121!

Yes, here we were!

Looks younger?





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