Customized order WORK Zeast ST2

Thank you very much for a lot of parts order!

The other day, we received the order for WORK Zeast ST2 for R35 GT-R.




For R35 GT-R Onwers! Please note following size!
These are recommended by WORK!
※It’s for R35 GT-R (CBA-R35)

– Front: 20×9.5 +40 5/114.3 (Semi Concave-T)
– Rear: 20×10.5 +20 5/114.3 (Deep Concave-W)

They can also make “Glossy Black” as a special order 🙂

I know you guys prefer glossy black than matte black… hehe

Lead time is about 1 – 1.5 months since it’s built-to-order.

Please contact our overseas department if you are looking for any kind of JDM parts!

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