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BBS RI-A Engineered by Nismo Diamond-cut model will be released!

BBS RI-A Engineered by Nismo Diamond-cut model

NISMO will release new wheels for R35 GT-R 「BBS RI-A Engineered by NISMO Diamond-Cut Model」

Aluminium Forged Wheel – Black color x Diamond-Cut
Front : 20×10.0+41
Rear : 20×10.5+25
Center Cap (Flat Type – Black), Air Valve (Silver) included.
812,000 Yen includes 4 rims

Compatibility: NISSAN GT-R R35

Limited: 125 Set

Order Period : 5/Sep/2019~31st/Oct/2019
※ The order will be stopped once the order is reached to the limit.

nismo Web Site*This description is quoted from NISMO Web Site.

You can get it at Trust Kikaku


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