Our big customer “JDM GARAGE” take part in WTAC!

If you are car-lovers, you know about this event.

Maybe, some  of you went to this event.

Can you guess what event I am talking about?

Yes! it is “WTAC” in Australia!!


Our big customer, “JDM GARAGE” took part in the event as an exhibitor there!!



He kindly send us the photos of his space on Trader Alley!!

34GTR and 180SX are displayed at JDM GARAGE space.


On the displayed car, there are so many Trust Kikaku stickers!  The TOMEI engine on this car is sold from Trust Kikaku.


We are happy to find so many parts which are sold from Trust Kikaku on the cars.

And, we are deeply moved to see our stickers on the car!

Brad, thank you very much for your nice surprise!


This is 180SX engine compartment!  What a cool tuning! 


These two BLUE cars drew lots of attention of the visitors.

We are so proud that the cars we sold attend this famous event in Australia.

Really look super cool!

JDM GARAGE displayed their parts like this! How nice they are!! And, look! We found our Calendar on the pole.

So many parts are nicely displayed.

Some of them are sold from Trust Kikaku.

We could find so many things from Trust Kikaku, so we felt as if we also joined this event now.^^

Please check “JDM GARAGE” Instagram from below.

JDM GARAGE Instagram


Japanese sport cars are popular overseas, and our Trust Kikaku parts are used all over the world.
We are proudly recommend our parts!!

Now, we are in the situation that we need some time to rely to your inquiries.

We really appreciate all of your inquiries, and very sorry for the slow reply.

We are now doing our best to meet our JDM lovers’ need!


Once again, thank you very much, Brad!!


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