Side splitting talk show by our president

Side splitting talk show by our president



This Photo is ” Before ” upgrading BNR32.

President says the exterior of the car is not cool enough.

So, we are going to upgrade this car for North America.

Let’s see how much change will take place on this car.

Don’t miss it.

When this video was editing, editor hurts her ears by wearing headphone for a long time.
So she started editing without headphone.^^

Everybody in the office can hear the sound of the video, and the office burst out in laughter!

Please check the ” After ” video form here.

“After” video finally done now.
Please enjoy!

Resulted in the car became close to its original state.^^

Our rich stocks of used/new parts enables us to give cars a new look and performance like this.

And… this car is already sold.

We didn’t expect that this car is in demand so soon!!

What a nice surprise.

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