Our engine is returned from customer site.. ( Last time was 3 years ago )

What is Trust Kikaku ‘s Yacchimattaze Guarantee?


“Yacchimattaze” is a Japanese phrase. We use this phrase when we made a mistake. I think it is like ” Oh my god” in English.^^

When we purchase online, these problems below are inevitable, don’t we?

After getting the delivery of the product you may come to know that you have purchased wrong product.
The size which you selected is not as per your requirement or you might have chosen the wrong size.
Even size is correct, sometimes the product doesn’t fit in.

Our owner also experienced these problems by himself, so he started this guarantee.

This time, EJ20 Engine is returned from our customer.

We are sorry for the inconvenience caused by this engine.


We Trust Kikaku,

run precise check on the returned part like this for prevention of recurrence.

Even we run precise check before we stock our parts, there are possibilities that some unexpected problems happen on the parts.

Our parts with this guarantee are all returnable.
Broke the part by your mistake, the part doesn’t fit in your car,made a hole while mounting the part…etc
Whatever reasons are, we accept part return. We will send you substitute part right away if we have stock, if not, we refund all the fee. ( Only bank transfer charges are paid by customer.)

We, Trust Kikaku has great guarantee like this which enable our customers a risk free shopping.

Unfortunately, this guarantee can cover domestic sales only right now.

We are looking for best way to export and import to make this guarantee can cover overseas sales too.

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