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BBS RI-A Engineered by NISMO Diamond Cut Model for R35

BBS RI-A Engineered by NISMO Diamond Cut Model for R35

Well, we frequently asked “ Can’t get this wheel anymore, right?” but we, Trust Kikaku do have stock !!
I’ll share with you what Mr. Takasu from NISMO written on his Blog here!

This most spectacular points are its “roundness” and “flexibility”.
As for the “roundness”, this wheel made to be the roundness is higher near the rim, and the higher the speed, the lighter the unspring acceleration becomes.
GT-R OEM wheel reached a high degree of perfection, especially the OEM wheel installed on MY17NISMO is really perfect for its rigidity and lightness.

So to make the wheel more lighter, resulted in lack of its rigidity.
Then, the feeling of lightness while traveling given by its high roundness become important!
Where to place its axis, like to place its axis on center or rim cause the great change on the feeling.

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