The Result of 2021 Popularity Vote this Year!!

Whose picture is everyone’s No.1 favorite?!

Thanks to everyone, 111 people joined our 2022 Calendar Photo Campaign this year.

The popularity contest for 2nd round has end, thanks to everyone who voted πŸ˜ŠπŸ™πŸ½

Congratulation to everyone who made to the top 20!πŸŽ‰

Entry No.23 Slick
Total Votes: 35,056

Entry No.12 Ren
Total Votes: 16,138

Entry No.77 PatJo9
Total Votes: 12,801

Entry No.26 γ‚ˆγ›γ‘γ‚“
Total Votes: 499

Entry No.95 Cody Alkenbrack
Total Votes: 414

Entry No.35 ソネシγƒ₯ン
Total Votes: 250

Entry No.78 japodaca
Total Votes: 225

Entry No.107 @Godzilla_Resurrection
Total Votes: 182

Entry No.41 きγͺこ
Total Votes: 167

Entry No.19 JDM Dad
Total Votes: 142

Entry No.11 andreasgtr
Total Votes: 134

Entry No.88 Kuro Sora Blog
Total Votes: 98

Entry No.109 Ziksta
Total Votes: 93

Entry No.65 Mav
Total Votes: 71

Entry No.32 IROHA
Total Votes: 63

Entry No.69 γŸγ‹γ΄γ‚‡γ‚“
Total Votes: 61

Entry No.82 Ben
Total Votes: 59

Entry No.52 Nikskyline
Total Votes: 48

Entry No.15 BUSTR32
Total Votes: 37

Entry No.104 Flo
Total Votes: 36

The final selection of the pictures that will be used on our 2022 Calendar will be picked up by Trust Kikaku staff.
We will announce the result around middle October, so stay tuned πŸ˜‰

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