2022 Trust Kikaku Calendar is ready!!Thank you for sharing lots of photos with us!

Finally! Our Original calendar for 2022 is ready!
The photos on the calendar was selected by our staffs!

Then, are you ready? We’ll announce the winners!!

Trust Kikaku Original Wall Calendar 2022

Cover : Tweette_Boy

January : R34NISMOCRS

February : 陽哉瑠

March : mst.fd3s

April : おこし

May : R34 JPN

June : R34_Macau

July : Nikskyline

August : dimigriii

September : #PopCanAccord

October : IROHA

November : Matty

December : けーご

Thanks to all of you that joined this campaign, we could make super cool Calendar again, this time.
Thank you very much!!
We’ll send our Original Calendar and some give away to the winners.
We are in the process of making give away right now, so if it will be ready, we’ll send them to you.
Please enjoy!

2022 Trust Kikaku Original Calendar is now available on our online shop!!


We are looking forward to your application again next year!!

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