Trust Kikaku in USA!?🇺🇸

Hi Guys!

We would like to announce that Trust Kikaku has opened an US branch at LA, California!!!!!!!🇺🇸🎉

Our US brach is named “TK GT CARS USA”✨
You can call us “TK GT”.
We were not able to use “Trust” as it is only for fiduciary institutions.

The reason we open TK GT is, since we always want to be close to our customers, we decided to branch out to the west, starting from sunny California! This new shop, TKGT Cars, will make it even easier for our American customers to get their fill of JDM and Trust Kikaku goods. Starting mainly with Nissan OEM and Nismo products, we plan to expand our lineup gradually, so make sure to visit us every now and then to see what changed!

Please also feel free to let us know if you are looking for a product not listed on our page since we might be able to source it from Japan.

Here is our quick warehouse tour😉


For more information, check out our Instagram & website😊






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