2019 Original Calendar

Thank you guys for many many photos for original calendar! There were many applicants, so photos were chosen by random selection. Sorry that we could not use all photos of your cars because the applications were more than we thought. But we will do make an calendar next year again. Please look forward it!

Purchasing Car – Honda Beat PP1

■Date of Purchase:2018/8/30(4021) ■Place:Tochigi/Mr. F ■Vehicle:Honda Beat PP1 ■Trust Kikaku Staff:ITo ■Why he selected us:Trust Kikaku is honest company. Trust Kikaku is specialized in sports car and knows value of aftermarket parts. ■Feedback:Thank you for visiting at late evening.

ORA 86 Meeting 2018

ORA 86 meeting was held on last Sunday, the event has been continued since 2016. The event is for Toyota Corolla AE86 owners and there are Merchandise booth and display booth. There are no famous manufactures like HKS, Tomei, Endles etc…, but some famous tuned shops for AE86 came and set up their booth. At …


■Date of Purchase:2018/8/11(3949) ■Place:Kanagawa/Mr. M ■Vehicle:SUBARU IMPREZA GRB ■Trust Kikaku Staff:Oishi ■Why he selected us:Trust Kikaku is honest company. Other company was terrible response and not good price. ■Feedback:Trust Kikaku staff was sincere attitude.

New Line Up

Here are new line up!! Get replacement and refresh your BNR34!!! We also parts on our shop!! Please click the following and go to shop! Trust Kikaku Online Shop

R’s Meeting 2018

Every year since 2006, “GT-R Magazine” has been holding the R’s Meeting – R’s meeting is the world’s largest “GT-R festival” and an event that every GTR fan should endeavour to get to at least once. The festival is a mass gathering of most major GT-R tuning houses are there displaying their wares too. Omori …