New Release !! Nismo Titanium Strut Bar

Hey guys!

New parts again!

Nismo has release a new titanium strut bar for SKYLINE GT-R on January.
It features 400R motif titanium strut bar.
It has been tested on the circuits and has same performance to 400R strut bar.

*BNR34 Installation example

-Weight: 1.5 kg (OEM: 3.5 / 400R: 1.5 kg)
– Comes with stainless Nismo Logo plate (rivet mounting) and one year guarantee.
– It takes about 25 minute to mount.


Part Number : 54420-RSR22
Price : 150,000 JPY


Part Number : 54420-RSR42
Price : 150,000 JPY

We can order the parts to Nismo and ship world wide!
Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions!

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