We are featured on the newspaper!!

An article about Trust Kikaku was on the newspaper!
Here is a link of it. (It is written in Japanese.)


【eBay Seller Shorts CASE.3】A Car parts EC that specialized in GT-R and supported by huge passionate fans from overseas

Cross-border EC site for auto parts sales
Trust Kikaku is the company where dealing car parts of domestic “ famous cars” (JDM cars) like NISSAN SKYLINE GT-R. Motor Sports are popular now in overseas and there are some maniac markets for cars like classical cars. Especially in America, Japanese brand cars are loved there, many Japanese car makes are popular. Amongst all of them, GT-R are used in “Wild Speed” Series from Hollywood, TV video game “Gran Turismo”, and GT-R cars are very popular. There is a rule that all the cars over 25 years old become importable as classical cars in America, and 2nd generation GT-R cars are importable now. The time when new GT-R car become importable, the cars become a trend. Right steering wheel drive JDM cars are very special for them and many love GDM cars. The need of the parts for such cars are increasing, but professional and detailed communication are needed, and honest sales can build trust. We interviewed Hannah from Trust Kikaku overseas division, they use eBay since 2014.


If you do not check Hannah’s interview from eBay Japan yet, please check it out!!

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