Our Calendar for 2021 is ready!!Thank you for sharing lots of photos with us!

Finally! Our Original calendar is ready!
This time, we picked the photos to use on our calendar by ourselves.
So, some photos which were not on the list of the popularity vote.

Then, are you ready? We’ll announce the winners!!

Trust Kikaku Original Wall Calendar 2021

Cover : Aliasvfx

Jan : Doug

Feb : こうきてぃ

Mar : R34_Macau

Apr : Amin Durrani

May : しんや

Jun : Eu Jin

Jul : Arachi

Aug : Richie

Sep : Josh

Oct : トム

Nov : Tpham9

Dec : Slick

Trust Kikaku Original Desk Calendar 2021

Cover : Bunnei

Jan : dimigriii

Feb : みずき

Mar : dtphotos_cy

Apr : Rb26powpow

May : じゅんぬ

Jun : 直線番長

Jul : @alix107

Aug : Macho

Sep : Tommy.ITA

Oct : Aliasvfx

Nov : Marco

Dec : Dave H

Thanks to all of you that joined this campaign, we could make super cool Calendar again, this time.
Thank you very much!!
We’ll send our Original Calendar and some give away to the winners.
We are in the process of making give away right now, so if it will be ready, we’ll send them to you.
Please enjoy!


We are looking forward to your application again next year!!

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